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» State of Emergency Weapons «

I have the weapons descriptions, but not pictures, if you have them email them to me!

Street Funiture

Mostly anything you can pick up! Anything from TVs, benches, trash cans, boxes, etc.

Pepper Spray

Will damgae their eyes and senses but it won't kill them, beat the crap out of the person while you can!

Molotov Cocktail

When thrown makes a nice splah and fire and will burn the victim to a sure not to light your self on fire.


A very nice tool for taking out mass people in the small space. BE VERY SURE to be too close to this one.

AK47 Kalishnikov

A high powered assault rifle. Good for taking out gang members and corporation guys.

Mini Gun

Oh I love this thing, very good for taking out mass amounts of people of any kind, sucks up ammo like it was water.

Tear Gas Luancher

Kind of like Pepper Spray only its in gun to shoot in the middle of a crowd.

Rocket Luancher

Good for taking out anything and I mean anything. As long as your not too close.


State of Emergency Black Market
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